EVO Turns Data into Information and Information into Insight.

What is EVO

The EVO family of reports highlight areas that you as a Director can leverage in decision making for your District.  There is something for every District within our family of products, and we look forward to serving you.

EVO District Analysis

Strategic insight like never before. 

Evo Understands


The original EVO District Analysis sheds light on Taxes, Finances, Bonds, Investments and Operations, giving you a strategic insight like never before by allowing the historical data to tell the story of the District.

Evo Advantage
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Evo Districts


The new EVO 10 year Budget Forecast takes your historical data into the future by using Predictive Analysis, enabling you to set goals and rates that align with the District’s long-term financial goals.

Evo Reports


Finally, the EVO Enhanced Bookkeeping Report sets a new standard in monthly financial reporting. Reimagined in full color, optimal layouts and a new chart of accounts that lends itself to drilling down to unit costing of a District’s various services, all while providing transparency, accountability and a learning experience for anyone who looks at it.


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